First of all, thanks for visiting this page. Let me introduce myself.

Born in 1980 in Italy, I’m Electrotechnician graduated in high school in 1999 with honors (100/100). 

Entrepreneurship has captured my attention since the age of 22. The idea of creating wealth while helping people to improve their life, it was a concept I fully embraced. I didn’t have any skills, knowledge, or experience at that time. My starting point was zero.

To learn how to become an entrepreneur, I started reading some books, and attended live events to learn business and marketing and level up my mindset. It took me time to understand the basics and then master these topics at a high level.

I worked in 3 network marketing companies from 2002 to 2008, but I didn’t succeed for different reasons. This experience was priceless because I had the opportunity to manage a team of people and to organize live presentations of products and services.

At the same time, to make a living, I was driving trains in Italy (between 2002 to 2011), and in 2008, I met online marketing. 

Long story short, since I loved making online video tutorials, I started teaching people how to use three softwares that I had already used in previous years. I crafted and sold three online courses:


WordPress Video Express – how to create a website using WordPress.


Camtasia Video Express – how to create video tutorials with Camtasia screen recording software.


Amember Video Express – how to create private areas to host
your online course.

I sold these three online courses for five years, and they allowed me to make more than 250.000 dollars net profit.

At the same time, since I didn’t have any other experience, I decided to establish profitable partnerships with some professionals to help them share their knowledge and expertise by creating online courses and services. We split profits. The main goal was always to create a strong Brand.

Some of them are:

Anna La Prova - Psychologist
Cristian Colusso - Drummer
Antonio Sacchiero - Physiotherapist

In 2020 I decided to launch an e-commerce business in the US, and this was a fantastic experience that allowed me and my business partner to make 800.000 dollars in revenue in just 16 months (while living through the Covid-19 pandemic)

At the beginning of 2022, I started sharing my knowledge and experience to reach the English market to impact millions of people. Today I’m 100% focused on these two aspects:

#1. Helping aspiring entrepreneurs develop the most valuable digital marketing skills and mindset to turn their knowledge and someone else’s expertise into a profitable business.

#2. Helping professionals and experts create their Brand online and sell their expertise in the form of online courses and/or services.

Connect With Me
On Social Networks!

I’m sharing daily content to help you improve your business, marketing and mindset.

Connect with me on social networks!

I’m sharing daily content to help you improve your business, marketing and mindset.