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For Aspiring Entrepreneurs Only...

From Idea to 6 Figures in 12 Months! Turn Your Expertise or Others' Knowledge Into Profitable Businesses !

... Even If You Start From Scratch, With NO Idea Of What To Sell,  & Without Any Digital Marketing Skills !

Francesca Miglino (interior designer)

Max transformed my unclear idea into a profitable business. His ability to convert your “confused thoughts” into powerful words to persuade people to buy your products or services is priceless. You have just found the right mentor that produces real results. ”


Dr. Carlo Guidarelli (dermatologist)

“ I asked you to build a simple website to advertise my job in Milan (ITALY). You created a money-making machine. I got clients that I couldn’t have reached without your expertise. You are a professional and trustable person, able to execute ideas fast. ”


From: Max Cecco
Director of Innovation Business Group LTD.

Dear aspiring entrepreneur, let me tell you the real truth my competitors don't want you to know.

Selling Online Courses Is No Longer Profitable !

Yes, it is true.

Today, in 2023, selling online courses doesn't make any sense. Indeed, people don't want to buy the next online course, instead, they want an experience.

People are sick and tired of online video courses. And honestly, today, artificial intelligence can make an entire video course for you.

Today, people want transformative paths with real and customized support.

The question is:

What Is The Difference
That Makes All The Difference?

YOU are the only one who makes all the difference.

I want to focus your attention on this aspect.

Today, 2023 (and especially in the coming years), there is a new opportunity for a small number of aspiring entrepreneurs who genuinely desire to provide value and results to their ideal clients and get massive profits.

Yes, because the fake ones are already out of the market (but they don't know it yet).

You Have These 2 Profitable Options...

If you have defined expertise, you should appropriately package and sell your knowledge and experience.
If you lack knowledge about any topic, you must smartly borrow expertise from professionals or experts.

Obviously there is a process to follow.

You can establish partnerships with professionals and be paid a % based on the results you bring “to the table” without investing money from your side.

I did it multiple times in my 15-year marketing career, and the testimonials you see on this page have been my business partners. Indeed, professionals and experts need a marketing department inside the company; this is not an option anymore.

Dr. Anna La Prova (psychologist)

“ Working with Max changed my life. I knew him in 2010. His strategists allowed me to sell my online courses to 2000+ clients. Max guides you step-by-step in all the processes, speeding up the results and minimizing mistakes. The best investment of my life! ”


Cristian Colusso (drummer)

“ You are a visionary. No one knew me in the Italian market before 2009. Thanks to your expertise, I became well-known in the drummer space and taught more than 40.000+ aspiring drummers how to play drums online. We sold thousands of online courses. Amazing! ”


These Are 3 Reasons Why 95% Of People Fail To Sell Expertise Online...

They don't know what to include in their offer to make it irresistible.
They don't know the new strategies to sell their knowledge easily.
They try to sell them with the old ways that don't work anymore.

And if you want to learn a predictable method that gives you an accurate and tangible opportunity to create a 6-figure business minimum per year starting from scratch, then THIS is exactly what you're looking for.

Let me introduce you to a special program called:

Freedom Business Blueprint

specifically designed for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to create a profitable online information-based business from scratch.

Freedom Business Blueprint is not an online course but an incredibly highly customized learning process that allows you to master the 3 pillars to get you the certainty to create a profitable 6-figure business minimum:

Pillar #1. High-paid digital marketing skills.

No skills, no income. Indeed I can definitely say that you don’t have money or income problems, you have skills problems.

If you want to be irreplaceable in this new economy, you have to work on yourself and your skills to solve more problems add more value, and consequently, you will deserve more money.

Pillar #2. Marketing Strategy & Tech Stuff.

Without a marketing strategy, skills alone are worth zero. A strategy allows you to put together the skills in order to create a profitable business and sell whatever the fuck you want.

Strategy is knowing what to do. Tech stuff allows you to execute a strategy. And the best part is that you don’t need to be a nerd or a computer tech expert.

With the tools available today, even a child with the basic knowledge can handle the tech stuff.

Pillar #3. Business Mindset.

If confidence comes with competence, your mindset is responsible for 80% of your success. Underestimating this aspect means failing miserably no matter how good your business idea, knowledge, or experience are.

Dr. Antonio Sacchiero

“ You created my entire Brand and helped me structure all my communication. We are helping thousands of patients improve their health thanks to my online video method. You know how to spread a message to the masses.


Dr. Tatiana Busan (love coach)

“ I didn’t know anything about online business since I met you in 2011. Thanks to your guide I reached an unimaginable level of success. Today I’m financially free doing what I really love: help people build couple relationships. ”


And What Makes This Even Better?

Now you never have to worry about money problems or find another job you don't like or be underpaid again.

Which also means you're not stuck feeling like you can't live the life you deserve. I can guarantee this program will let you achieve the results you aim for.

The only thing I can't guarantee is your willingness to do what it takes to put into practice what I teach.

So again, if you are looking for a predictable method that gives you a real and tangible opportunity to create a 6-figure business minimum per year starting from scratch, understand this.

You don't need the next online course. You need a transformative path created by someone who has been selling expertise online since 2009.

This is the all-in solution that avoids you to waste money in different and obsolete online courses sold by newbies who don't understand this market.

And my signature program, Freedom Business Blueprint, holds the key to your success with selling expertise online.

This program is not for everyone and I want to be sure you are a good fit for it. This is why I urge you to book your free call today to learn more. 

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