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Psychologists Who Do THIS Get 5X FASTER RESULTS !

(And Sell To Clients BEFORE They’ve Seen Competitors’ Offers)

Building a business is like building a car.

Right now, you know how the pieces work together, because I taught you that in The Knowledge Business Empire. And then, I gave you the body of the car, pre-assembled inside the 6-Figure Offers System.

But what really makes a car move is the engine. And the engine of your business is your sales funnel.

Without This One IMPORTANT Piece, Your Business Will Go Nowhere...

Because your vehicle needs fuel. And businesses run on money.

And your sales funnel converts likes and clicks and “Oh, that’s interesting…”

Into money. Delivered to your bank account.

That means it’s a vital organ inside the body of your business vehicle. It brings your business to life.

That’s why, when Antonio said, “Max, I know what I do for people is life-changing. They absolutely love my work. But I’m not getting clients fast enough!”...

I replied, “Show me your sales funnel.”

And when he said, “I don’t have one.” It all made sense.

Your Sales (And Income) Depend On These 2 "Secrets"...

Secret #1. A step-by-step series of messages that persuade people to buy what you sell.
Secret #2. The online pages you put in place to share your message. For instance, the sales page, checkout page, content page, and so on.

I have just described what a sales funnel is.

A sales funnel allows you to convert strangers into potential clients and consequently convert some of them into paid clients.

In other words, no sales funnel, no sales, no income.

Knowing What To Do Is Only One Side Of The Coin...

…ACTUALLY DOING IT is the other half.

That’s why I’ve simplified and streamlined the entire process of creating your own automated sales machine…

For psychologists like Anna who want to make a BIGGER IMPACT FASTER.

When I first met Anna, she was making Instagram videos to get clients. And it wasn’t working out.

On our first call together, she told me that she almost missed her chance to get the Sales Funnel Mastery program because she wanted to spend that money on a new microphone for her Instagram videos.

Instead of buying a new mic, she chose to copy and paste this automated sales machine and get results 5x faster. 14 days later… she was shopping for a car, not a microphone.


The Ultimate Program To Create Your Automated Sales Machine (COPY & PASTE)

All you have to do is change my name to your name and you have your very own automated sales machine.

When I say “copy and paste”, I literally mean that I have already added the sales funnels to your account. You have just to change the message based on what you want to sell.

And That's Not All !

Because every psychologist is unique. And what Anna does is different from what you do…

I’ll show you EXACTLY which words to modify in order to demonstrate the full value of what you offer.

With a couple clicks you’ll change my face to your face, and you’ll watch SALES flow through YOUR FUNNEL and land in YOUR BANK ACCOUNT.

This practical information and done-for-you system is priceless.

It means saving hours of work. It means having your sales machine ready in 1 week instead of 3 or 4 months. It means changing people's lives and making money quickly!

But the biggest game-changer in my opinion is…


Even if you hate tech, don’t have a phone or computer, and live in a cave, automation makes your life SO MUCH EASIER.

It’s like hanging a big leaf outside your cave that catches water when it rains.

I’m still going to personally support you in speeding up the implementation process.

Everything I just said is included in the Sales Funnels Mastery™ program.

Let Me Recap What You Get Today, When You Buy The SALES FUNNELS MASTERY™ :

3 sales funnels that are working today. They have been already added to your account. You have just to change the message based on what you want to sell.
A special in-house training, in which I personally teach you the tech you need to know to modify the sales funnels.
An amazing and supportive community.
Our support to speed up the implementation process.

You Are Probably Wondering...

“What Is The Investment Required To Access The SALES FUNNELS MASTERY™ ?”

Let me be very clear.

If I have to do all the work with my team for you (done-for-you service), I normally charge between $10,000 and $15,000 to create your sales funnel.

My coaching clients paid me between $5,000 and $10,000 to help them create their sales funnel.

For these reasons I could have easily sold this package for $1,000 and it would have been a great deal from you.

But because I really want to help you get a steady stream of therapy clients as soon as possible, the investment required for the Sales Funnel Mastery is only $197.

But if you take advantage of this one-time offer now, you can get the Sales Funnels Mastery™ for only $97.

You Have Nothing To Lose !

This offer is backed by a 100% Risk-Free, No Questions asked 30 Day money back guarantee.

It means that you have 30 days to consume the content and create the sales funnels.

And if, for any reason, you are not satisfied with what I'm going to teach you, you can simply send me an email at and I'll refund you the entire small investment with no questions asked.

Get This Automated Sales Machine NOW !

You wouldn’t expect a car to run without an engine. And you definitely wouldn’t sit in a car without an engine and wonder why you’re not moving anywhere.

You’re not going to make your business move without an engine either, even if your name is Fred Flinstone…

This AUTOMATED SALES MACHINE is exactly what you need to move your business forward faster! And I’ve already added it to your account.

Keep your Sales Funnel Mastery automated sales machine for just $97 when you click the button.

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