How You Can Craft Your 6-Figure Offer, Your First Online Course And Build A Members Area In Less Than 4 Weeks Instead of 2-4 MONTHS !

 (& Saving more than $3,300/year in page builders' fees)

From: Max Cecco
Director of Innovation Business Group LTD.

Dear aspiring entrepreneur,

I want to congratulate you because you made an important decision to invest in yourself to learn how to create a profitable online business by selling your expertise or someone else’s knowledge.

Secondly… read this page carefully or watch the video above.

Let Me Restate This Concept ...

With “The Knowledge Business Empire”, the path you have bought, you have all the information you need in terms of strategies and skills required to create your business from scratch.

The same information that my coaching clients paid me between $5,000 and $10,000 to work with them personally.

All you have to do now is to watch the entire course, follow the step-by-step directions, and implement everything I explained in The Knowledge Business Empire™ path.

I have revealed everything because I want to put you in a position to be aware of the steps you have to follow to start and run your online business successfully and execute those steps. 

Indeed, information without execution is worthless.

And let me tell you this: I win only if you win and I’ll do my best to help you speed up the whole process and put you in a condition to create your 6-figure business in the next 12 months.

If you are comfortable doing all the work yourself that’s required to create your 6-figure online business, you can skip reading this page and go directly to the members area.

But If You Want a SHORTCUT To Your Success...

and you want me to help to create your 6-Figure offer, a compelling online course like the one you have just bought and build the entire members area to host your online content (like the one you can see on the right or below this written text)… please read this page till the end.

Because, instead of creating all this stuff in 2-4 months, you will be able to do it in 2-4 weeks thanks to what I’m going to give you access to.

It means you will make money faster and easier.

This Determines Your Success Or Failure In Selling Information Online !

Since I have been helping professionals, experts, and aspiring entrepreneurs sell their expertise online since 2009, I know perfectly well that creating an irrefutable offer is crucial for your success.

If your offer sucks, you are not going to sell anything, and your business is already dead before launching it.

And many entrepreneurs don’t get the results they want in terms of sales, because of the offer itself.

More specifically:

They don’t know how to craft compelling offers !
They don’t align their offer based on what their clients want !
They don’t know how to present their offer in a “sexy way” people can’t resist buying !

And What Happened Next ?

This situation leads to a few sales, or to decrease the price of what you sell (which is the worst thing you can do to ruin your business and your reputation) or to quit your business because others don’t perceive the value of what you sell.

Not because your product doesn’t have a value but because your product’s value is not communicated properly.

In other words, your potential clients won’t buy your product or service.

Moreover, This Is Another Big Mistake That Can Destroy Your Business In Seconds...

Most experts I worked with weren't capable of creating an online path, I mean structure the online course in a way to be easily digestible for their clients.

They completely messed up the structure and how they delivered the message.

In a nutshell, I guided them to re-record most of their online courses so they could be easily consumed and applied by their clients.

Remember, your clients must understand what you teach. It seems to be logical and banal but it is not.

Then, we have the members area.

The private area where to host your content, must be strategically designed for 2 reasons.

It has to be prepared to host your content and, most importantly, to let your clients buy other products and services. Your members area becomes a "selling machine".

And today I want to give you the perfect recipe served on a golden plate, to speed up your success and avoid making stupid mistakes that can prevent you from running your business!

Let Me Introduce The 6-FIGURE OFFERS SYSTEM™

How To Create Irrefutable Offers That Captivate And Sell !

You are going to learn the exact method I use to create compelling offers that sell. And this is just the starting point.

I’ll guide you step-by-step on how to create your first online course from scratch, and I’ll give you a complete, done-for-you private area to host your online information.

You will get access to this precious content in the next few minutes, when you decide to click on the button below to take advantage of this irrefutable offer.

This Is What You Will Get Once You Have The 6-FIGURE OFFERS SYSTEM

1. My secret procedure to create 6-figure offers that sell.

It is the same procedure I share with my high-ticket clients, business owners, and professionals willing to invest between $5,000 and $10,000 to work directly with me, 1 to 1.

I’ll guide you step by step on how to identify who you want to serve, define the problem you want to help them solve and create the right offer, perceptions and expectations to persuade them to buy what you sell ethically.

I’ll guide you step by step on how to identify who you want to serve, your ideal client, define the problem you want to help them with and create the right offer, perceptions and expectations to persuade them to buy what you sell ethically.

In this specific case I’ll go in depth of the 4-step equation that will change your product’s value perception from your audience’s point of view.

I’ll teach you how to enhance your offer, specifically:

How to use real scarcity to push your potential clients to become happy clients !
The secret weapon to speed up your prospects' decision to buy what you sell !
How to exponentially increase the value of your offer without changing anything in your product or service !
How to eliminate the fear of uncertainty to reassure your clients during the buying process and increase the conversion rate !
The secret method to create a compelling name for your offer ! (A wrong name doesn't allow you to make sales)

This is just the beginning. Indeed, as I said minutes ago, if your offer is compelling enough but you don't deliver your promises to your clients or you don't know how to guide them properly in getting the outcome promised, they will ask you for a refund.

2. The complete step-by-step training to structure, create and produce online courses & services from scratch ! (To speed up your client's results)

The secret to create successful online courses and services is to craft them in a way your clients can easily consume. Not only.

They must be structured to speed up the client's results. And you should know that when clients get results, they are more inclined to invest their money with you.

Specifically, I’ll teach you step-by-step:

How to structure, create and produce your online course, from scratch !
The best and easy-to-use tools to record and package your expertise !
The secret sauce to sharing your expertise in order to speed up your clients’ results and push them to continue buying from you.

Do not forget that we are in business to help people solve their problems.

If your marketing and sales message are great but your product sucks, you will get tons of refunds and your business will die, do not forget it.

3. My Members Area Done-For-You Copy & Paste.

(You will create the members area in minutes, not weeks, and you'll save more than $3,300 per year in page builders' fees)

Once you have your offer and information product ready, you need to host your online content to a private area like the one you are watching right now.

And I want to give you the structure of the same private area I’m using today, completely customized.

You just have to copy and paste 3 pages, put your content inside and you have a private area built in 1 hour or less. In this case you save tens of hours of work to create your members area.

And I'll teach you everything you need to know to quickly and easily modify this private area yourself !

The best part is this. While most page builders out there charge you $300/month, the page builder I have been using since 2009 requires a small annual payment, less than what others are asking monthly.

In other words I teach you how to save more than $3,300 per year in page builders.

And you will learn how to use it in the bonus section of “The Knowledge Business Empire” you bought minutes ago.

Let Me Recap What You Get Today, When You Buy The 6-FIGURE OFFERS SYSTEM™ :

My secret procedure to create 6-figure offers that sell !
The complete step-by-step training to structure, create and produce online courses & services from scratch !
My Members Area Done-For-You Copy & Paste (You will create it in minutes, not weeks, and you'll save more than $3,300 per year in page builders' fees) !

You Are Probably Wondering...

“What Is The Investment Required To Access The 6-FIGURE OFFERS SYSTEM™ ?”

Let's get straight to the point.

My premium clients paid me between $5,000 and $10,000 dollars to help them create their offer and information product in a 1 to 1 coaching.

To create a members area like the one you will get access to, I charge at least $5,000.

For these reasons I could have easily sold this package for 1,000 dollars and it would have been a great deal from you.

Since I want to help thousands of people worldwide learn these skills to create a profitable online business (and scale my business as well), the investment required for the 6-Figure Offers System is only $297.

But if you take advantage of this one-time offer now, you can get the 6-Figure Offers System™ for only $147.

Listen, I'm not kidding and there is no catch. I'm not using a fake urgency technique. Let me tell you, you can buy this path later on by investing $297 or maybe more.

SO… Don't Decide Now, Don't Skip This Offer Because You Have Nothing To Lose !

This offer is backed by a 100% Risk-Free, No Bullshit No Questions asked 30 Day money back guarantee.

It means that you have 30 days to consume the content, create the offer and create your members area.

And if, for any reason, you are not satisfied with what I'm going to teach you, you can simply write me an email to and I'll refund you the entire small investment with no questions asked.

So.. click on the button below to accept this offer and you will get immediate access to the complete training in the next 3 minutes.

If you are serious about creating an online business selling expertise, you need this product to speed up your results and create offers and products that sell themselves without refund requests.

The 6-figure offer system is the best investment for your business, no matter what you are going to sell.

It allows you to create compelling offers, online courses and members area in 2 to 4 weeks instead of 2 to 4 months.

If I’m wrong, and I doubt it, send us an email to and you will get your money back instantly.

So… don’t skip this offer. Click on the button below and speed up the creation of your 6-Figure business. See you soon.

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